Better Time Tracking with óleo

Open Source

There is no shortage of time tracking applications on the internet. This fact however, did not stop us from making another one.

We needed this to accomplish 3 things:

  1. Work both offline and online.
  2. Centralize tracking data to use as analytics, creating invoices, and budgets.
  3. Extremely light-weight application (only 126kb!) with no third-party service other than Google Drive.

screenshotóleo is constantly syncing tasks to any given spreadsheet the user has permission to access, you simply copy and paste in the url to a Google Spreadsheet for that particular project. Depending on the project or workflow you may want to create a spreadsheet per project and have the team sync to that one, or create a spreadsheet for each project. Then someone like a project manager can simply go in at the end of the day and sort by project, hours, date, task, ect. Optionally, óleo also allows for allocating a rate per project which could be useful when it comes time to sending an invoice to the client. Keeping things ‘light’ was a major priority for us so the entire app was only made with one JavaScript library, Google’s AngularJS and a Google font called Lato.

So with no further adieu, I’d like to invite you to checkout óleo. Simply click “FREE” in the app store, while using Chrome, of course. If you’re interested in getting your hands dirty in some code, the source code is available here on Github. We are completely open to any feature requests!