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That list already includes Ball poor shooting. The star rookie season shooting percentage dipped below 30 percent after he made just 3 of 13 shots in Sunday 107 102 win over Memphis. At 29.9 percent from the floor he ranks last among 19 qualified rookies, while Kuzma 56.3 percent leads the field..

In the first half they scored on every posession but one. Where was our talented and experienced defense? Mich scored what? twice in the first half if I remember correctly? And one of those was a field goal? There is no way we should not have scored every time we had the ball against that team. And then in the second half at the end of the game we settle for a field goal to win? This goes to my statements about Lloyd being safe and conservative.

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“I have a long term contract here,” Kreis said at the time. “I think I certainly have been doing my best to remind myself that it is about the long term because I’m an impatient guy. But I still believe in our project, I still believe in what we’re doing and I still believe in the long term vision of what we’re doing, and as far as I know ownership feels the same.”.

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Customers will see things they hadn’t seen before or find a new artist and they return and buy things.”Harley is happy her business is doing well. She has stuck with her original goal of funding the Adopt a Grandparent program.wholesale jerseys from china This year she plans to deliver 600 pairs of mittens to seniors in the Fairbanks area for Christmas.”I’d like to grow the shop by means of quality and variety.

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“At the end we went away from the 2 3 (zone), which had been working for three and ahalf quarters,” MSJ coach David Randall said. “And we paid for it, so that’s on me. The refs called it even but they loved to blow the whistle tonight, which was surprising considering that both teams were in zones pretty much all night.

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