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The project

Leafless is an innovative POS system that enables customers to skip the lines at their favorite cafes, bars and other establishments by placing orders and paying within a mobile app.

The Leafless user experience is 100% through native mobile applications, which we developed for both iOS and Android. The project also required a browser-based portal through which vendors manage their Leafless account – adding new menu items, updating pricing and accessing detailed analytics, such as sales data and inventory.

The Concept

The first step in taking Leafless from a brilliant idea to a thriving business was to create a beautiful visual identity. A logo and color suite was created to match the tree motif surrounding the Leafless brand. Knowing that customers would interact with Leafless mostly on their mobile devices, we created a visually simple logo that easily translated to an icon.

The App

The Leafless business model is centered on simplifying customers’ purchase experiences and saving them time. Thus, creating a user interface that is both easy to navigate and quick to complete transactions was crucial. A mapping feature helps identify vendors currently using Leafless. From there, users can select vendors, browse menus, make their selections and pay for their purchase seamlessly.

The Vendor Dashboard

Lacking a large customer support department, Leafless needed an easy way for vendors to manage their accounts and make changes on their own. Each Leafless vendor has access to a secure backend portal, through which they can update their menu, crunch sales numbers and view analytics.

project preview
project preview