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Stackahoy is a continuous deployment tool that enables users to manage and configure web application deployments across all git repository providers securely, efficiently and in real time.

In short, Stackahoy minimizes the time elapsed between writing new lines of code and this new code being used by live users, in production. It’s an important piece of the puzzle for teams that employ DevOps and continuous delivery.

We originally created Stackahoy to be used internally before deciding to release it publicly as a standalone product. We built it to do one thing, and one thing well – continuous deployment. Here at Lev we work with a variety of technology stacks so we needed a tool flexible enough to handle everything from deploying load balanced Docker builds to WordPress and Drupal websites with Gruntfiles.

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Here are some of the features:
  • Real-time logging for the deployment.
  • Securely maintain both you and your client’s deployments all under one roof.
  • Deploy to any ssh-capable Linux server including shared hosting environments.
  • Parallel multi-server delivery.
  • Repository-specific deploy keys. Ideal for Git providers that require unique deploy keys.
  • Post-deployment commands for building/compiling your application right on the server. Great for building docker images, compiling assets or restarting services.
  • Incredibly fast and secure file migration via SSH.
  • No server dependencies needed for deployment. Not even Git.
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project preview
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