Rye | A WordPress Theme for Developers

I’ve been maintaining the super simplistic Rye starter theme for WordPress for about 3 years now. Since the time it launched it has been the only theme I have used and recommended because of its minimalistic nature. While there has been some other very well built themes to come out since, I believe they all share the same problems:

  1. They start out with front-end assets assuming you want to use bootstrap, html5bootstrap, nextgreatestbootstraplibrary, ect… Example 1. Example 2. It’s not too difficult to undo this, but aren’t you using a starter theme so you don’t have to spend time undoing things? Stop making assumptions about my project.
  2. They’re too bloated. It’s great not to reinvent the wheel but with as much customization code they already have, why not just use one of the default WordPress themes? If you’re building a custom project from scratch you will likely spend a good amount of time removing code and files. With that said, they are great to look at as a reference and pull what you need and see good examples of how to accomplish nice things.

However, one feature I really liked about the new themes specifically was the use of Grunt, which leads me to why this article was written. I have just completed the addition to Grunt for Rye, along with some other architecture updates. Compiling your assets, whether it be raw js, css, stylus, coffeescript, or anything else is a snap.

Feel free to check it out on GitHub.