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Project Map It

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The project

Project Map It is an out-of-the-box service focused on the home improvement industry that enables companies to create dynamic portfolios, collect and display customer reviews, and increase sales.

The creation of a user’s portfolio happens within Project Map It’s intuitive interface. The portfolio itself can appear both on a unique Project Map It URL and as an embedded widget on users’ corporate websites. Salespeople can use Project Map It as a compelling tool to showcase his/her company’s successes and capabilities as part of the sales process.

The Solution

There are three core pieces of functionality within Project Map It that work in tandem to grow home improvement companies.

Launch Project
A dynamic mapping tool

When users import projects or create new ones within their portfolio, results are location-based so potential customers can see completed projects near them. Users can also create custom filters - like project type, products used, or price point - which prospects can use to find projects relevant to their own needs.

Customer survey management

Users can use Project Map It to create customer surveys. The surveys are completely custom and support free text responses, 1-5 star ratings, and Yes/No questions, making metric collection and analysis easy. Questions can also be marked as public or private, so users can decide which questions will be displayed publicly on their portfolio’s projects and which are only for internal feedback collection.

Project Map It makes gathering feedback from surveys easy. One option is for a company representative to collect the review on the job site itself by simply handing his/her iPad or phone to the customer. Another option is to have Project Map It send a link out to the customer’s email address, enabling them to complete it at their convenience.

project preview
Project photos

As part of their portfolios, users can upload an unlimited number of photos to each project. Customers can even take photos from within the app if using a device with a camera, which enables users to take photos right on the job site at the completion of a project. Photos are one of the most powerful influencers in a prospect’s purchase decision, and Project Map It makes creating a visually stunning portfolio easy.